There was a time not too long ago that if you wanted an electric vehicle your choices were very limited. Not the case today.  Premium electrics are the new green and Mercedes-Benz definitely does premium.

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is a collaborative effort with electric car pioneer Tesla Motors. Based on the current gen, conventionally powered B-Class platform, that’s been selling big overseas since 2011.  All the comfort, safety, and technology that we’re accustomed to are present as well as a fun to drive attitude unique to Mercedes. This versatile 5-seater uses a Tesla Drive System with a 28 kilo watt hour lithium ion battery that cranks out 177 horse power and a maximum torque of 251 pound feet.  Depending on the driving cycle the B-Class Electric has a range of 85 miles, and can be recharged to a 60 mile range with 240 volts in around 2 hours.  

Pricing starts at $41, 450 and hits dealer lots this summer.  Stay tuned for a full road test coming soon.