As the world charges towards an electric driving future, automakers are obliging with more and more EVs to choose from! That includes Hyundai, who recently invited us to Scottsdale, Arizona for a First Drive in the latest member of their Ioniq family, the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6. So let’s get behind the wheel and see what this all new EV has to offer.

Co-headlining with the Ioniq 5, Hyundai’s new generation of EVs offer a wide range of tech, convenience, and comfort.

Jumping right into the Ioniq 6’s powertrain, there are a few options. Standard rear wheel drive models with a 53 kWh battery are driven by a single motor putting out 149 horsepower and 258 lb feet of torque.

While long range dual motor all wheel drive models have a 77.4 kWh battery delivering 320 horsepower and 446 lb feet of torque.

A major concern of consumers when looking at EV’s is of course range. Well, the Ioniq 6 has a very vast range, literally. All wheel drive models are only available with the long range battery pack good up to 316 miles. Standard range RWD models see 240 miles and long range RWD models achieve up to 361. Range can vary depending on 18 or 20 inch wheels.

DC fast charging is available, with up to 80 percent charge in as little as 18 minutes. That’s nearly half the time of some competitors.

“So back when we had the Ioniq 5 in for testing, I had a lot of seat time in that car and now that I’m driving the Ioniq 6, they feel very similar to be honest. The Ioniq 6 however, just feels more car-like. The low center of gravity makes for great handling, the ride quality is smooth, great acceleration. Overall, a fantastic driving experience.”

On the inside, the Ioniq 6 stands out with plenty of space and creature comforts. Right in front are dual 12.3 inch displays for the gauges and infotainment system, along with interactive pixel lighting. A bridge type center console, and buttonless door panels provide sleek visuals. While dual color speed linked ambient light brings a ‘Northern Lights’ vibe into nighttime drives.

The parametric pixel design carries over to the exterior, with headlights, rear end, and even side mirrors all seeing a plethora of pixels integrated. The streamlined profile screams sleek aerodynamic efficiency, as do the flush-mounted door handles.

The overall length is 8.6 inches longer than the Ioniq 5 at 191.1 inches. The wheelbase however, is shorter by two inches, at 116.1 inches.

Pricing for the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 starts at $41,600 for the SE standard range trim, with Limited trim Ioniq 6’s sticker just over $56,000.