When General Motors relaunched Hummer last fall as an all-electric brand, we knew that a pickup truck was just the beginning.  And now, the Hummer as we used to know it, has returned, or will return, as the 2024 Hummer EV SUV. 

No big surprises here, as the SUV uses the same Ultium Platform as the pickup, but with a shorter wheelbase that provides a nimbler feel as well as improved maneuverability in off-road situations. Plus, it adds an available onboard generator, and has the advantage of getting any other updates that happen as the pickup gets under way.  

Edition 1 models won’t arrive for another 2-years, but when they do, they’ll have a range of 300-miles; and with 830-horsepower coming from 3 electric motors, they’ll hit 60 in 3.5-seconds. 

John Davis: "I like the fact the HUMMER EV SUV is not just the pickup with a covered cargo hold. It’s quite a different vehicle being shorter, and more maneuverable both on and off road, especially with the optional four-wheel steering that yields a turning diameter smaller than most compact cars. My only real issue, besides price, is range. 300 miles just isn’t enough for long distance travel."

Adding the $5,000 Extreme Off-Road Package is a no brainer.  It gets you 35-inch tires, additional body protection, front and rear lockers, beefier half-shafts, UltraVision cameras, and more; sacrificing only about 20-miles of range.  

The interior is much the same as the pickup, with a wide center console reminiscent of the original Hummer.  Plenty of customization options, along with a standard Infinity Roof with removable Sky Panels, and drop down rear glass in the side-opening rear door.  

Jessica Ray: “General Motors enlisted the assistance of Perception, a company whose design work is featured in Marvel movies, to help create the HUMMER EV’s user experience. It has really brought the graphics and animations you see inside to a whole new level. And while you might mostly see these Hummers on the pavement, there is available trail mapping to help you navigate off-road adventures while still keeping tabs on your energy consumption.”

Edition 1’s will go for about $105,000, with more accessible versions to follow in the coming years; ultimately arriving at $80,000 for the 250-mile range base model.  

We’ll have lots more on the 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV soon...here on MotorWeek.