It’s been two years since we first tested the all-electric Mini Cooper SE. Now on the eve of a longer-range redesign, we thought we’d give their current all-EV a final go. Compact, quiet, quirky are the best ways to describe this 2023 MINI Cooper SE.

Let’s start with compact: of course, you don’t need anyone to tell you that– it’s in the name! 151.7-inches long and 68-inches wide, to be exact. The inside of this 3-door hardtop is as cozy as its gasoline sibling with 41.4-inches of legroom upfront and 30.8-inches in back.

Then there’s quiet: again…obvious. The 135-kilowatt electric motor puts down 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque without fuss, and it’s quite snappy off the line. Still, with the added battery weight, 0-60 takes 6.9-seconds, about a half second more than the gas-powered Cooper S.

The Mini SE only nets 114 miles of range from its 32.6 kilowatt hour battery. But, it’s so much fun to drive MINI fans have embraced it, making the SE the brand’s most popular model.

That brings us to quirky, here in the form of yellow mirror caps and checkered seats. But this MINI is also big on features, like the 8.8-inch touchscreen with standard navigation, heated front seats, and panoramic moonroof. Our Iconic Trimmed Cooper also came with a Head-Up Display.

The 2023 MINI Cooper SE starts around $35,000 which makes it one of the most moderately priced pure EVs available today.

And we’ll be here with more Quick Spins soon!