Motorweek was invited down to San Antonio Texas to get ourselves into the all New 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra. During our time down in Texas we were lucky enough to have almost every trim level of the new Tundra available for us to test. Everything from the SR5 all the way up to the TRD Pro. With limited time available in each trim, we spent the majority of our time in the Limited model 4x4 double cab with a 6.5’ bed.

This model boasts a 3.5 liter twin turbo V6 that pumps out 389hp and 479lb-ft of torque. This power is delivered to the wheels by a 10-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission that offers sequential shift mode, uphill/downhill shift logic, and Tow/Haul driving modes. The drivetrain is a 4WDemand part-time 4-Wheel Drive with an electronically controlled 2-speed transfer case, with High and Low range, as well as an Automatic Limited-Slip Differential. But that’s enough with all the pedigree information, lets move on to how much we enjoyed the truck.

We spent equal time on driving both on the highway and surface streets about an hour outside of San Antonio. I have to tell you, this truck is about the most comfortable I have experienced for driving situations like this. The steering is light, but yet immediately responsive to driver inputs. The suspension, which offers an Independent double-wishbone front suspension with stabilizer bar and twin-tube shock absorbers; and Mulit link rear suspension with outboard-mounted coil springs, soaks up every bump and pothole on the road with ease and gives this truck a much less “truck like” feel. 

"One of my favorite features they've added to this all-new Toyota Tundra is also probably one thing you're most likely to notice when you get inside the truck and that is an available 14-inch infotainment touchscreen system. And this thing is absolutely fantastic. Not only is it insanely user friendly but you can use voice commands, everything is right there and you don't have to search the screen too much to try to figure out what you're looking for and that really helps when you're driving because you don't want to take your attention off the road all too much."

To add to the comfort the Tundra offers Dual zone automatic climate control, heated an ventilated front seats, and Softex-trimmed 8 way power adjustable drive and front passenger seats with 2-way power-adjustable lumbar support, which is key for those long days on the road. 

The Tundra is not only comfortable though, it is equally as rugged, which was proven on the off-road driving course Toyota provided for us. The course had everything from sand/gravel section, rock crawling, mud pit, and even more.  One of the most impressive pieces of Tech added to this Tundra was the CRAWL feature. It operates in the same way as the Downhill Assist Control, but this time, you climb. And let me tell you, what an experience bringing this full size truck up to an extremely steep section of rocks, turning on the CRAWL control, lifting off the brake, and the Truck starts to safely and steadily climb up the steep grade. Never losing traction, or getting out of sorts.

The new 3rd Gen Tundra has a ton to offer virtually every truck buyer on the market!

Pricing information has not been released yet, but stay tuned here on MotorWeek for a more in depth review in the future!