The Polestar 2 all-electric sport sedan has been on the market for just a year; and after launching with dual-motor all-wheel-drive and a range of 233-miles, 2022 brings a best of both worlds scenario when it comes to electric vehicles: lower price, more range.  

As you can imagine, this is accomplished by eliminating one of the motors; ironically enough it’s the rear one that goes away; making front-wheel-drive and boosting range to 265-miles.  

But, they’ve also increased the output of that front motor, as well as revised the gearing, so you get more than just half of the Dual Motor’s 408-horsepower, it’s actually rated at 231-horsepower.  

And, it’s not only the 2-wheel-drive version getting the additional range, the Dual Motor gets another 16-miles added to its range for a total of 249-miles. This is a result of an update to the battery management software, and buyers of ’21s will get the same update over the air.  

Best news of all, the overall driving experience changes very little.  

“The Polestar 2 is a fantastic driving car, especially when you add the Performance Pack.  The single motor version is noticeably down on power, but there’s still more than enough there to get the job done, and you get to enjoy it that much longer before worrying about finding some place to plug in.”

Polestar puts the Single Motor version starting price at just under $46,000, but tax incentives could bring it as low as $35,000; you can order online now, with deliveries expected to start by year’s end.  And finally, the Dual Motor version gets a lower price for ’22; now starting at just under $50,000.  

We’ll have plenty more on the Polestar 2, right here on MotorWeek!



  • Motor: Single Motor
  • Horsepower: 231
  • EV Range: 265 miles