While we’re still waiting for our turn to get behind the wheel of Mercedes-Benz’s EQC all-electric SUV; they’re already showing us what’s coming next, this 2022 EQA; one of 6 all-new EVs the brand has planned for the coming year.

Yes, the A puts it in close relation to the GLA utility; and will thus be the brand’s first all-electric subcompact, aimed squarely at entry-level buyers.  

Greg Carloss: "Two of the most popular things in the automotive industry right now are subcompact crossovers and electrified powertrains, so Mercedes is, at least in theory, setting itself up for success with the EQA. And if you’re a fan of the finer things, I wouldn’t fret over its “entry level status” because as we saw with the new GLA, Mercedes doesn’t hold much back in the way of luxury and technology."

First on sale will be the 5-passenger front-wheel-drive EQA 250 with a 140-kW motor producing the equivalent of 187-horsepower.  Range is the priority, as it should get close to 300-miles on a full-charge; yet take a leisurely 9-seconds to get to 60.  Expect all-wheel-drive and more performance oriented models to arrive later.  

The SUV shape is familiar to the rest of the brand’s utility lineup, but with updates to maximize aero efficiency.  

Unique interior elements include rosé gold accents, blue stitching, EV-specific displays for the wide screen instrument panel, and back-lit trim.  Comfort and material quality appear on par with the rest of the Mercedes-Benz lineup.    

Kyle Scanlon: "You will find the EQA slotted below the EQC which is a larger electric crossover that is offered in the Mercedes lineup. And while we don't have any information on the trim levels just yet, we can imagine they will be very similar if not the same in the EQA as they are in the EQC."

No exact pricing information just yet, as Mercedes-Benz has not announced official plans for the EQA here in the U.S.   

Stay tuned, as we’ll have much more on the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQA, as well as all things Mercedes-Benz electric... here on MotorWeek!