Motorweek was invited out to Northern California to experience the newest Hyundai N high performance models: the Elantra N and the Kona N. 

Both are powered by a 286 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo-4 that we already love in the Veloster N. We spent our time at the challenging Sonoma Raceway to put the Elantra N and Kona N through their paces. With limited time to spend in each vehicle, most of my track time was spent in the very entertaining Elantra N.

But, in the time I was able to spend highway driving around the new Kona N, I have to say, what a vehicle! While taking my time in the Kona, I was more than impressed. Not only is the Kona extremely spacious and comfortable to drive, the added power makes for quite an exhilarating ride. Both the Kona and the Elantra’s drive modes can be completely customized, with multiple settings for everything from suspension, exhaust, steering, and many more.   

Both vehicles offer an automatic dual-clutch transmission, but what really got me excited, was the 6-speed manual offered in the Elantra N. While waiting my turn, albeit somewhat impatiently, I got to jump into one of the manual Elantras and take it for a spin around the track. What an experience! With pure racing inspiration coming from Hyundais team, this car truly impressed me on the course. I was able to push this car close to its limits, and was never once worried that I was pushing the car too hard. It was absolutely glued to the track. With all drive mode settings put at maximum, I can honestly say I got way more than expected. Everything from the pedal feel, steering response, lack of body roll through the corners, and the sound of the cracking and popping exhaust system was just right on!

"The team at Hyundai has done an absolutely fantastic job putting together this Elantra N. It has everything you want for a lowered price but high performance vehicle. The 6-speed manual transmission is an absolute blast. But you want to make it even more fun? Find yourself a windy road and put on that rev matching feature."

Now while driving on the track is fun and all, lets talk about everyday around town driving. While having all the drive modes set at maximum it may be a bit of a bumpy ride, once everything is dialed down though, both of these vehicles become great everyday drivers.

With well trimmed interiors, an easy to navigate infotainment system, and seats that are more than comfortable for long road trips, its hard not to quickly fall in love with them. Hyundai has truly upped its game when it comes to these two new cars, and with the option of having a small family-hauler like the Kona, or opting for the smaller and more agile Elantra, it could be a tough decision for any buyer to choose. The Elantra N with a manual transmission starts at $32,925 and with an automatic transmission $34,425. The Kona N starts at $35,425.

For a much more in-depth review on the Elantra N and Kona N, stay tuned here on Motorweek!