While the minivan segment is not as crowded as it once was, many families still rely on the spaciousness and flexibility that only a minivan can provide. Toyota remains committed to the segment, and this all-new 2021 Sienna is proof. 

No one has embraced the minivan as much as Americans; so it makes sense that Toyota has designed, engineered, and will of course assemble the Sienna here in the U.S. 

It looks exactly like what you’d expect an updated Sienna to look like; high-waisted shape with more pronounced character lines and an aggressive big mouth grille that widens at the bottom. Sporty XSE trims get 20-inch wheels and MORE aggressive bumpers.   

Bigger news here, is that all Siennas, at least for now, are hybrids. The 2.5-liter I4-based Toyota Hybrid System II delivers 243-horsepower and an expected 33 miles-per-gallon Combined.   

As before, all-wheel-drive is available. Similar to the Highlander Hybrid, the Sienna uses an on-demand rear-mounted electric motor to deliver as much as 80% of total vehicle power when the fronts lose traction. 

John Davis: "While the 2021 Sienna is no longer the only Minivan to offer all-wheel drive, I think it is still the leader in this practical technology by using an electric motor instead of an old-school transfer system with a driveshaft. AWD is increasingly a requirement for families living in the colder climates like the North East and in that vein with all the other improvements, I think that the 2021 Sienna will be the top all wheel drive minivan choice."

There are 7 or 8 passenger versions with even more seating flexibility than before.

A new bridge console not only packs a wealth of storage space, but blends into the dash much higher than typical, to bring the shifter and controls much closer to hand; but also provides separation between driver and front seat passenger, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on who called “shotgun”.  

Stephanie Hart: "Inside, this new Sienna gets more family friendly. There’s as many as 18 cupholders and with every trim level it gets better. It’s poised to give the Honda Odyssey touring a run for its money. That minivan has a vacuum. Well the Sienna Platinum trim has a vacuum and a refrigerator. Upping this minivan’s cool factor."

We’re really just scratching the surface here, so stay tuned for more info on the 2021 Toyota Sienna.