While battery-powered full-EVs are becoming more prevalent on our highways, Toyota still sees a place for Hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electrics, or FCEVs like this 2021 Toyota Mirai, which they claim is the most advanced electric vehicle on the market.  

For its 2nd generation, the Mirai rides on Lexus LS rear-drive architecture; allowing not only for a better ride, but for designers to wrap it all in more traditional sedan sheet-metal that also happens to look way more stylish than before.  Perhaps even reason enough to choose it over the current crop of battery electrics.  

Brian Robinson: "For many of us, the first thought is ‘why not just buy a normal plug-in EV?’ but there are of course millions of people in the country, that it’s just not an option for them; whether it’s because they live in an apartment and can’t install a charger, or just don’t have the ability or even the desire to let their car sit for hours on end waiting for it to charge.”  

Things take a more upscale turn inside as well; there are hints of Lexus luxury, and even some Supra sportiness. More choices too, as both XLE and Limited trims are now available. Finally, there’s room to take one more along for the ride, as the rear seat now accommodates 3-across.   

Of course with any electric vehicle, hydrogen based or plug-in, it’s always about the range; good news there as well, as it’s up more than 30% over the previous gen to just over 400-miles between fill-ups.  

2021 Toyota Mirai pricing starts just under $50,000, which is almost 10-grand less than last gen. Plus, as an incentive, all come with up to $15,000 of Hydrogen fuel to get you on the road free of “charge”. If all this sounds too good to be true, well it is, unless you live in California, which is the only state where it’s currently available for lease or purchase.



  • Range: 402 miles
  • Starting Price: $50,455