John Cooper Works, best known for their touch on the iconic MINI, has done it again with the 2021 JCW Convertible. Available in Classic, Signature and Iconic trims, we wanted to see just how far this blend of throwback styling and modern equipment could go.

Spoiler alert: very, as the JCW convertible was both a pleasant and overall-comfortable experience. We were fortunate enough to have the JCW near the end of summer, meaning the top was down whenever the sun was out.

In a lot of ways, the convertible was much like the hardtop we tested last season. It was fun and punchy, thanks to the same twin turbo, 2-liter inline-4. Capable of 0-60 in just over 6 seconds, this MINI wasn’t short on good times, despite no manual rowing of the gears.

Of course, gone is the huge multi-level rear wing of the hardtop, but the drop top gives the MINI a little less agro and a little more aero-- not by the way of increased aerodynamics, mind you, but the rush of wind over our heads is a good substitute for raw power. Even still, many of the handling upgrades added to the hardtop are carried over to the convertible.

With the top down, it’s even easier to hear the sport-tuned exhaust, crackling and popping at will. It puts smiles on our faces, and so does the price tag: starting at just under $40,000.

And we’ll have more Quick Spins... soon!



  • Engine: 2.0L twin-turbo I4