Since Mercedes-AMG became an anointed offshoot of Mercedes-Benz, they’ve been busy producing some incredible performance cars. Now, their unique offerings are also getting more attainable. That’s what this 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT 43 4-Door Coupe Quick Spin is all about.   

So, for around $90,000… now we didn’t say cheap mind you…one can get a real-deal Mercedes-AMG with a new 3.0-liter inline-6 turbo engine. It whips up 362-horsepower and 369 lb-ft. of torque; plus gets an additional battery EQ Boost of 21-horsepower and 184 lb-ft.  

Now, if you’ve never driven the 630–horsepower AMG GT 63 S, you’d never know you were missing a thing; as unrelenting power right from the get go, has the 43’s speedometer sweeping past 60 in just 4.3-seconds.  

The same AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9-speed transmission deals out brutally fast shifts as you run the ¼-mile in 13.0-seconds at 105 miles-per-hour. It’s no V8, but it has a distinct character that quickly becomes addicting.    

Same great AMG taste, less filling up at the gas pump; along with a less wallet busting bottom line, the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT 43 4-Door Coupe is on sale now.   

And we’ll have more really Quick Spins...soon!



  • Engine: 3.0L I-6 Turbo
  • Horsepower: 362
  • Torque: 369 lb-ft
  • Starting Price: ~ $90,000