If you’re a McLaren fan you’ll know that Longtails are special aero-enhanced limited editions of current Mclarens.But, if you’re a true McLaren aficionado, you’ll know that there’s a lot more to the Longtail formula than just plastic surgery.

They are lightened and amped up versions for the true track day fanatics, or those that just want to pay more money to portray that image. The latest Longtail model is this 2021 McLaren 765LT.

Based on the Super Series 720S, the road to Longtail involves many curves and straightaways along the carbon- fiber bodywork. And despite the name, it’s actually the nose of the car that’s pushed forward almost 2-inches, to increase downforce on the front wheels, while the reshaped Longtail active rear wing does the same for the rear, at the same time reducing drag. All told, with all aero elements deployed, it’s a little more than 2-inches longer than the 720S.

Power from the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 jumps from 710 to 754; not by cranking up the turbos, but by installing lighter aluminum pistons, the McLaren Senna’s 3-layer head gasket, and valve-train updates. The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission is optimized to deploy the additional power, and deliver the LT to 60 in 2.7-seconds.

"The boost and power comes in a very McLaren way which is to say meticulous and technical. And I realize that going from 710 to 754 horsepower is sort of like like adding a squirt of tobasco to a ghost pepper, but we speed junkies will always take more."

In total, 176-lbs. of weight has been shaved; via the use of more carbon- fiber of course, as well as lighter chassis parts, titanium exhaust, thinner glass, F1-spec. materials in the transmission, and removal of comfort and convenience features. According to McLaren, that puts it 110-lbs. under any equally equipped competitor.

To push the performance envelope even further, the suspension gets a full recalibration, including unique springs and dampers; and the carbon-ceramic brakes are upgraded with Senna calipers and F1 cooling ducts.

"I’m amazed at how McLaren keeps sharpening the razorblade. The 765 LT is not just a performance package and not just a body kit. It’s a complete technical upgrade. Lighter weight. More power. They keep giving their buyers more and better performance."

Only 765 of these highly-desirable 2021 McLaren 765LTs will be built, with pricing that we expect to stay close to $400,000. So stay safe, and keep it locked on MotorWeek.


  • Engine: 4.0 liter
  • Horsepower: 754
  • Price: Close to $400,000