Karma Automotive has been teasing its all-electric GSe-6 for some time now...but to hold us over until then, the independent California-based brand handed us the key to the first model in its new GS lineup; the 2021 GS-6.

The GS-6 shares its gorgeous shape with the Revero GT, which itself was originally called the Karma back when the company was named Fisker Automotive after its original founder and famed automotive designer Henrik Fisker. 

Despite looking like the Revero GT, the GS-6 undercuts it in price with base “Standard” trim starting at $85,700 including destination charges. Karma offers two additional variants: Sport and Luxury, the latter of which is where we spent our drive time.

Regardless of trim, the GS-6 - like the Revero GT - is an Extended Range Electric Vehicle using a BMW sourced 1.5L 3-cylinder gas engine effectively acting as a generator for the 28 kWh battery...in other words, it’s a plug-in hybrid in which the battery powers the two rear mounted motors and the gas-engine charges the battery. Total system output is 536 horsepower and 550 lb.-ft of torque.

A fully charged battery can propel the GS-6 for up to 80 miles without a drop of gasoline and absolute maximum driving distance is 328 miles. We managed to replenish over 50 miles in 20 minutes using a DC Fast Charger.

Having driven the GS-6 with a fully charged hybrid battery and a totally depleted one I much prefer having at least a few miles of all-electric range. There’s a huge difference in acceleration with some juice to power those electric motors. And if that wasn’t reason enough it’s nice being able to switch it into stealth mode and comfortably cruise on the highway on battery power alone because they’ve done a really nice job keeping out that unwanted road and wind noise.

The GS-6’s exterior garners the gaze of many-a-passerby and rightfully so, but the interior is also impressive. Without the funds of a major luxury car brand, you’d expect Karma’s fit and finish to be less than pristine, but besides the occasional squeak of a button and the uniquely shaped albeit awkward push button shifter, we were impressed by the execution.

For those interested in the GS-6 or the upcoming all-electric GSe-6, Karma is taking reservations for a fully refundable $100 deposit. And we’ll have a full road test on the 2021 Karma GS-6 coming up soon on MotorWeek!


  • Engine: 1.5L 3-cylinder
  • Battery: 28 kWh
  • Horsepower: 536
  • Torque: 550 lb-ft
  • Electric Range: 80 miles