Time to check out some fresh automotive hardware with a Quick Spin. When it comes to luxury-minded 2-door performance coupes, the Infiniti Q60 is one that tends to get overlooked by many. A recent Quick Spin in this 2021 Q60 Red Sport 400 has us wondering why.  

The Q60 is of course based on the Q50 sedan, the pair making up the 2 remaining cars in Infiniti’s lineup; and used to be known as the G35 Coupe when it was introduced as an Infiniti version of Nissan’s Z car.  

That spirit remains in this Red Sport 400, which upgrades the already potent standard 3.0–liter twin-turbo V6 from 300 to 400-horsepower; bringing an exclusive Dynamic Digital Suspension with adaptive dampers, 20-inch wheels with performance tires, upgraded brakes with red calipers, and carbon fiber trim along with it.  

Rear-wheel-drive is standard, and all-wheel-drive remains an option; both working with a 7-speed automatic transmission. 

Nothing major changes for ’21; just some new colors and increased standard content throughout the 3 available trim levels.  

The Red Sport 400 comes with either a white or Monaco Red leather-clad theme; both with new aluminum and available carbon fiber accents.  

A new ProACTIVE package adds Direct Adaptive Steering, Lane Departure Prevention with Active Lane Control, and Adaptive Lighting with High Beam Assist. 

Spend any time at all behind the wheel, and you’ll discover plenty of reminders of where this car came from; and wonder why there are so few of its ilk left; tons of power, handling that is way more than competent, and typical Nissan high-winding V6 audio along with it.  Yet, all of this comes with the extreme comfort and luxurious feel that Infiniti is known for. It’s a best of both world’s scenarios that we feel more people should be taking advantage of.  

Pricing for the 2021 Infiniti Q60 starts around $42,000; that’s with standard twin-turbo V6 power, where most rivals’ entry-level offerings are equipped with 2.0-liter 4-bangers; Red Sport 400 pricing begins at just over $58,000.