The Hyundai Santa Fe midsize crossover just got a complete redesign for 2019, but it appears that was only the first chapter; as for 2021, the story gets a whole lot more interesting with updates all around, as well as a new Santa Fe Hybrid.  

Hyundai has been in the hybrid game for quite some time now, but this is the first time they’ve added gasoline-electric assistance to an SUV. The system mates a 1.6-liter I4 turbo with a pair of electric motors, along with a true 6-speed automatic transmission and standard HTRAC all-wheel-drive. Combined output is 225-horsepower.     

Greg Carloss: "This seems like the right vehicle at the right time for Hyundai. SUVs are in high demand and consumers are finally warming up to hybrid powertrains. This comes at a time when the Santa Fe is celebrating 20 years of success and Hyundai’s hybrid technology has broken through to rival that of Toyota’s. So I think all signs point to success."

If you’re still not ready for a hybrid, the base Santa Fe 4-cylinder engine goes from a 2.4-liter to a 2.5, gaining 6-horsepower to 191. A turbo version of that engine is also available, boosting power to 277-horsepower.

Both front and rear fascias, grille, side mirrors, skip plates, exhaust tips, and even wheels are new for the exterior of all ’21 Santa Fes, but the redesigned headlights will surely grab the most attention.  

Inside the 5-passenger cabin, are nicer materials; along with a whole new dash design that replaces the center stack with a new rising center console housing all the controls, including the Palisade’s electronic transmission gear selector. There’s even more cargo space in back thanks to some repackaging.  

Stephanie Hart: "As far as interior improvements, the 2021 Santa Fe is more upscale this time around. Plus its roomier so passengers have room to spread out, there's enough space. As far as tech goes, there's a lot of it in this vehicle including driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control."

2021 Hyundai Santa Fes are arriving at dealers now, with prices starting around $27,000. Hybrids, a bit more, at around $34,000. 

With a plug-in hybrid version also on the way, we’ll have much more Hyundai Santa Fe info soon, here on MotorWeek.



  • Engine: 1.6L I4 Turbo
  • Horespower: 225