Honda has been all over the map with hybrids; helping introduce them to the world with the hypermiling Honda Insight, to exploring their performance potential in the first Accord Hybrid.  Now they seem to be settling into incorporating them into just about everything they do, like this revised 2021 Honda Accord.  

All ’21 Accords get a freshened look with a new grille, revised lighting, and different wheel designs.  

Display Audio with 8-inch touchscreen is now standard across the board, and there are safety upgrades throughout the lineup.  

But they’ve paid particular attention to the Hybrid, revamping the 212-horsepower two-motor system’s software to provide better throttle response, and deliver a more natural driving experience.  

Brian Robinson: "Whether it’s pickup trucks, SUVs, or sedans; Hondas all have that very familiar feel to them. And it’s been a while since I’ve been in an Accord Hybrid, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was not how much smoother it is, which indeed that has gotten better, but how much time you actually spend driving on battery power for a vehicle that you don’t have to plug in."

2021 Honda Accord pricing starts around $25,000; and you won’t need much more than that to get into a Hybrid, as they start at just over $26,000.