If you’re a luxury brand, it’s hard to stay competitive without an SUV in your lineup; and Aston Martin has finally joined the fray with the 2021 Aston Martin DBX.

It may be the first utility vehicle in the brand’s 106-year history, but it’s the kind of SUV you expect from a luxury car company that’s really a sports car company at heart.

So, at the DBX’s core is a 542-horsepower twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 courtesy of AMG, with an active exhaust system allowing it to run near silently around town, or roar to the fullest when streaking to 60 in 4.5-seconds.

A 48-volt electric anti-roll control system keeps things flat in corners; while the adjustable air suspension goes from firm for ultimate handling to tall and soft with 2-inches of lift for off-road use. Yes, that’s right; extensive time was spent during development to ensure the DBX can getthe job done when it comes back-country exploring.

Greg Carloss: "It’s flat out wrong to dismiss the DBX as a true SUV just because it’s an Aston Martin. The all-wheel drive system has electronically controlled center and rear differentials, it can ford almost 20-inches of water and it has multiple terrain modes and off road assistance features like downhill descent control. So it will handle the rough stuff. And is it so wrong to do so with a little bit of style?"

The 5-passenger DBX has plenty of room for family adventures; but the luxuriously hand-crafted space is so nice inside, you may not want to let the kids or the pets anywhere near it. As for the exterior, well it’s every bit an Aston Martin; from the signature grille and highly sculpted body lines, to the sloping roof and sleek rear.

Kyle Scanlon: "When this vehicle comes down the road, you will immediately know that it's an Aston Martin thanks to the signature DB grille up front. It is a very smooth and sleekly designed car and to add to that, there are frameless doors with hidden side glass seals. And to add that little bit of extra sporty flavor, there is a spoiler fitted directly above the rear glass."

2021 Aston Martin DBXs are starting to roll off the assembly line now, with U.S. deliveries before the end of the year; pricing starts at around $177,000. We'll have more on the Aston Martin DBX soon. Until then, stay safe and keep it locked on MotorWeek!


  • Engine: 4.0L Twin Turbo V8
  • Horsepower: 542
  • Starting Price: $176,900