We’re behind the scenes at a research and development facility in Germany to drive the all new… all electric 2020 Porsche Taycan (Tie-kon). This is a late stage prototype… so there’s still some camouflage inside and out. 

Porsche’s first all-electric production car evolved from the Mission E concept shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Output is impressive. Two permanent m,agnet synchronous motors… one on each axle… spin up 616 base horsepower to all four wheels. Jumping from turbo to turbo S models, that number goes high as 750 when in over boost.

Along winding German country roads, the Taycan moved like one of the brand’s finely balanced sports cars. The optional Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control and 3-chamber air suspension kept us engaged and comfortable. The 800-volt architecture is serviced by a 93 kwh lithium-ion battery stored under the floor. We’re still waiting on official U.S. EPA range estimates, but expect them to breach 300 miles.  Minimum charging time from 5%-80% is only a claimed 22.5 minutes.

“So we’ve just finished our very first drive of the Porsche Taycan. And for those of us who like that push back into the seat the comes from a hearty dose of torque… the Taycan definitely delivers. The wave of torque is instant, strong and keeps coming. But it really is about more than just going fast… this is a Porsche afterall… so it handles speed really well. Out on the road it was very nimble… and the low center of gravity makes the car feel very planted… especially through the curves. The steering is precise with the heft of a sports car.”

On the track, a product engineer did the driving… but even as a passenger you quickly sense the power and abilities. That low center of gravity plus rear axle steering allows the Taycan to sweep through the corners with the agility of an athlete and unbelievable balance. Porsche claims a turbo S 0-to-60 of just 2.6 seconds. Up to 774 lb.-ft. of overboost torque throws you back into the seat…while rocketing down the straight away. Top speed is 162 miles per hour. 

Engineers recorded and enhanced the actual sound of the electric motors… so you hear a natural acceleration… but it can also be turned off.  Still and most importantly… the Taycan absolutely feels like a Porsche. We’ll have more on the Taycan after we spend more time in it. Taycan will arrive in showrooms at the end of the year with prices expected to start around $90,000.


  • Horsepower: 774 lb.-ft.
  • Price: Expected to start around $90,000