When Hyundai spun off the Genesis name… the 2017 Genesis G90 sedan led the new brand’s luxury ambitions. Now the 2020 Genesis G90 is the first showcasing their new exterior face. 

A large crest grille dominates the front fascia flanked by quad lamps. More quad lights stretch along the rear. Designers replaced or refashioned every exterior body panel… except the roof and doors. The idea is to make the G90 look long, low and wide, while rolling on 19-inch wheels. We headed to California to see if the changes impact the ride.

Powertrain options remain the same… the smooth and steady 420- horsepower 5.0-liter V8… or the spirited and responsive 365-horsepower 3.3-liter turbo V6. An 8-speed automatic channels power from both engines to the rear wheels or all four… supported by adaptive suspension with electronic dampers.

"The steering is light, and the suspension cushions the car from the harsh realities rolling outside. You can feel the strength coming from the turbo V6 we’re in right now… but the sound of the engine’s hum is muted when you’re here in the driver’s seat. And they’ve gone even further to reduce road noise. So the polished and quiet cabin… is now even more serene and hushed."

The emphasis on width carries into the cabin… covered with premium materials. With all this richness, there are 9 new or updated safety and driver assistance features.Like other premium brands, Genesis is adding utilities with this bold new appearance. But for now, the 2020 Genesis G90 wears the stand-out style worthy of a flagship…. and the aspirations of the brand since the beginning. On sale now the price starts at just over $72,000. 


  • Price: Starts at just over $72,000
  • Horsepower: 420 / 365
  • Engine: 5.0 liter / 3.3 liter