Destination Scotland! Tempted by the 2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. We were very skeptical when the original Cayenne debuted in 2003. But today, as the third gen lineup arrives, we agree the Cayenne is the first SUV that handles like a true Porsche.

On this top dog twin-turbo, unrelenting power comes from a 550 horsepower 4.0L V8. 0 to 60 is a claimed 3.7 seconds. The turbos sit in the engine’s Vee for faster response. The new eight-speed Tiptronic S automatic is lightning quick and silky smooth.

The lighter chassis, three-chamber air suspension and Porsche Active Suspension Management keep it firmly planted in the curves...

GARICK ZIKAN: “We’ve driven the Porsche Cayenne before and in the past we’ve commented on just how precise the steering is… well now more than ever. Rear Axle Steering is now an option. That’s technology that you may know is from the 911. At lower speeds it makes it easier to maneuver around curves, while at the same time bringing more stability at higher speeds. When you’re driving along winding hilly roads like we are here in Scotland, you really notice the difference as far as the added control it brings when you’re going around the curves”

JOHN DAVIS: Inside the luxurious cabin, the touchscreen instantly reacts to inputs similar to the Panamera. So the 2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, along with the other redesigned Cayennes, don’t just include, they now improve on to the brand’s sporty DNA. Cayenne base prices will range from $67 to $125,000 when they start arriving here next summer.


  • Engine: 4.0 liter
  • Horsepower: 550
  • Price: Base price range from $67,000 to $125,000