2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS is basically a street legal race car and the most powerful naturally aspirated production 911 ever. 

Akin to taking a Rembrandt and somehow making it even better; Porsche started with the already potent 911 GT3, eked out 20-more horsepower from its 4.0-liter flat-6 for a total of 520, took out as much weight as possible, and doubled the amount of downforce it can create.  

If all of that doesn’t sound awesome to you, then you’re watching the wrong show, and quite possibly on the wrong planet!

Our taste of this mechanical nirvana came at where else, but the automotive paradise that is Germany’s Nurburgring.

DAVID SCRIVNER: We’re lapping the Nurburgring’s Sprint course in the 911 GT3 RS. It has 61% rear weight bias, so Porsche has given it more front downforce by adding NACA ducts to the hood. This gives you great turning grip entering the corners and throughout the turns. It’s a supremely well-balanced, highly entertaining, 9000 RPM thrill ride.

JOHN DAVIS: Porsche Active Suspension Management, active engine mounts, and torque vectoring locking rear differential are all standard; and ride height, toe, camber, caster, and the sway bar can all be adjusted.

Put your order in now, and if you’re lucky, your 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS will arrive by fall for about $190,000. 


  • Price: About $190,000
  • Horsepower: 520
  • Engine: 4.0 liter