Well, it looks like there is finally some real competition for Tesla’s Model X SUV EV, and it’s from an unexpected place. Jaguar, and their 2019 I-PACE. 

Yes, not only has the oft-struggling brand been reborn with Indian ownership, but it’s forging ahead with an all-electric utility vehicle. 

A long battery-holding 117.7-inch wheelbase, and no need for an engine up front, gives it a unique “cab everywhere” profile. Yet, Jaguar made a point of keeping the face familiar, even including a full grille. 

In its current EV400 form, there’s a 90-kWh battery pack for a 240-mile range. There’s a separate motor for each axle making it also full-time all-wheel-drive. Total output is 394-horsepower for a 0-60 of 4.5-seconds. 

Small outside, big inside, with plenty of comfort, in a space that’s techy but not sterile. As for the driving experience, well it’s truly spectacular. 

BRIAN ROBINSON: The I-Pace feels every bit as athletic as the other recent Jaguar SUVs, but here you get that instant full EV thrust when you nail the throttle.

That power can be accompanied by simulated engine growl that can sound a little gimmicky; fortunately, you can dial it down. 

The chassis is well-balanced; steering feel, quite natural. All-in-all a real winner!

Pricing starts at just under $70,000, with deliveries beginning before the end of summer. 


  • Horsepower: 394
  • Price: Starts at just under $70,000