It’s hard to find a more family-friendly vehicle than the Honda Pilot, and since this latest generation has been on the streets since 2016, it was time for some updates for the 2019 version.  

"I could use a mid-cycle refresh myself, I’m getting’ up there in age, but what it means for Pilot is, an opportunity to address some of media critiques and consumer feedback items that could stand a little correction."

The first thing we noticed was the sporty new bodywork. Yes, that means the usual new front and rear fascias, as well as updated lighting. The Pilot’s optional 9-speed automatic transmission has drawn its fair share of criticisms, both from us as well as consumers. Updates for ’19, seem to have smoothed out the rough spots, as well as allow for 2nd gear starting. On our first drive opportunity in Southern California, we were also able to take in all of the tech upgrades inside the new Pilot; which consist of an improved Display Audio system and a larger 7-inch TFT instrument cluster. 

Following others leads, Honda has made a complete suite of safety systems standard, which means every Pilot now gets the full Honda Sensing treatment. 

On sale now, 2019 Pilots start at just over $32,000. 


  • Price: Starts just over $32,000