When it comes to American-bred performance cars the 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is an expert at flexing its muscles. Our first drive in this super quick coupe was along the mile-and-a-half M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. 

Sporting a high revving flat plane crank 5.2-liter V8, it’s the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford production engine ever. Generating 526 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque, and with an 82-50 rpm redline, this rear wheel drive hot rod demands the driver work the pedals with a short throw 6-manual speed shifter. We estimate a 0-60 of just over 4 seconds…or only about a half  second back from what the upcoming supercharged Mustang Shelby GT500 is expected to deliver.

Indeed engineers used what they’ve learned from their work on the GT500…and from Mustang road racing programs… …to greatly improve aerodynamics on the GT350… with a revised grille closeout… a new rear spoiler… with an optional Gurney flap for more downforce. They also recalibrated springs and revised damping for the MagneRide active suspension.

Ford teamed up with Michelin… engineering new Ford Performance-spec Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires with altered compound and a tread pattern exclusive to the GT350. 295/35 rubber up front and 305/35 in the rear wrap around 19-inch wheels. 

“All the work the engineers did really pays off when you’re here in the driver’s seat. The car is very agile. It handles well on the track and has great grip going through the corners.”

The interior reflects the track focused attitude with a standard machined aluminum instrument panel and Recaro seats that hold on tight through the turns.

So the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 accelerates to a new peak level of engineering, air flow and grip for the Mustang corral…if only temporarily. On sale now, the price starts at just a tad over $59,000. Once again Ford has done the memory of Carroll Shelby proud. 


  • Engine: 5.2 liter
  • Horsepower: 526
  • Price: Starts at just over $59,000