Porsche has reclaimed its King of the ‘Ring title, laying down a blistering 6:47 lap time at the Nurburgring in the new 911 GT2 RS, and besting Lamborghini’s short-lived production-car record by a full five seconds.

We climbed behind the wheel of this 700-horsepower, rear drive road rocket, at the Algarve (AL GAR VAY) race circuit in southern Portugal for a few hot laps of our own.

The GT2 RS is nearly 300 pounds lighter than the all-wheel-drive Turbo S, thanks to extensive use of carbon-fiber magnesium and titanium in the body, suspension and optional roll bar. 

Mastering the airflow in and around the car and its monster rear wing, provides maximum downforce to the meaty 325/30 series 21-inch rear tires, and feeds the 3.8 liter twin-turbo flat-6 engine. Under extreme load conditions, the charged intake air is cooled by a new water-based system for consistent full-power delivery.

Throw in a set of ceramic brakes, a host of active stability systems, rear-axle steering, and a 7-speed PDK transmission, and this is the fastest, most powerful and undoubtedly the most capable street-legal 911 ever.

If 2.7 second zero to sixty runs and 211 miles per hour top speeds are your thing, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS goes on sale in early 2018, starting at $294,000.


  • Engine: 3.8 liter
  • Price: Starting at $294,000