We’re always on the lookout for a Quick Spin in something fun and efficient, and a little different. So, we’re scooting around on a 2018 BMW C Evolution scooter.

It delivers everything you expect in a scooter, being easy to ride, highly entertaining, and very practical; yet it’s powered by a 19-kW electric motor. The 3-kWh battery is mounted in the center of the scooter, making it more of a step-over than step-through design, but that preserves the under-seat storage space that people expect in a scooter. 

And like most EVs, it feels fast, and it is. A quick twist of the throttle, and you’re at 80 before you know it. And it seems to be electronically limited at about that speed, as you can’t get much more out of it, although it feels more than willing. 

Driven more sedately, or in Eco Pro mode, you can easily get 100-miles on a full charge, and then bring it back to full in as little as 4½ -hours. 

Choose Dynamic mode for full power delivery and aggressive engine braking, or Sail mode for traditional coasting into corners; while Road mode delivers a healthy compromise of all of them. 

And there’s even reverse, and a parking brake that engages automatically when you flip the kickstand down.

So, loads of fun and environmentally friendly; but not inexpensive, as you have to pay at almost $14,000 for a 2018 BMW C Evolution.


  • Price: $14,000