After making a huge splash with the XC90 crossover just last year, Volvo hopes to keep that ripple going with an all-new S90 large sedan.

We grabbed a Quick Spin recently in Malaga, Spain. And after getting behind the wheel, we were glad to see that many of the XC90’s top notch interior elements have been carried over. 

The driving experience isn’t bad either; falling on the luxury side of the sport/luxury equation. Feeling super solid, quiet, and stable in turns. 

And how about that exterior design…

ZACH MASKELL: “…when you see this from the side, the untrained eye might say “that’s definitely an Audi or a BMW”; which is probably not such a bad thing. In fact, Volvo calls it relaxed confidence and I would definitely agree with that. It’s not exactly a car that screams “hey everybody look at me”; so it blends in while still remaining elegant.”

JOHN DAVIS: Initial T6 cars will feature the XC90’s 316-horsepower turbo and supercharged 2.0-liter I4. Look for a turbo-only T5 to arrive later, as well as a T8 plug-in hybrid. 

And yes wagon fans, a V90 wagon will arrive next year. For now, the 2017 S90 T6 is on sale, starting at about $54,000.  


  • Engine: 2.0 liter I4
  • Horsepower: 316
  • Price: Starting at about $54,000