The 2017 smart fortwo cabrio is hoping to step up the open air experience for commuters on crowded city streets.

We’ve been in the driver seat of these tiny transporters numerous times before. This time, we put the top down for our first try of smart’s all-new third generation.

American motorists have had their chance to maneuver these micro cars beginning in 2008, but they’ve been seen on the slim streets of Europe since 1998. 

GARICK ZIKAN: “If you’ve been to Europe you’ve probably seen smart cars on the road. Right now we’re driving in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a beautiful day… the kind of day you want to drive with the top down. Sure it’s 3 cylinders, but when I step on the gas it’s very responsive.”

JOHN DAVIS: That comes from a new 89 horsepower turbocharged 900cc 3-cylinder engine. That may sound puny, but it’s 19-more ponies than before. It easily provides more get-up-and-go for passing in traffic and highway speeds. That’s something you haven’t heard us say the previous times we’ve been behind the wheel of this ultra-compact cruiser. 

Another noticeable improvement is the optional automatic dual-clutch transmission. We spent a lot of time in a fortwo with the previous herky-jerky auto-manual gearbox. Our latest drive was far smoother through the frequent gear changes that come with city driving.

When Mercedes Benz and Swiss watch maker Swatch teamed up to create something interesting for city life, there were lots of skeptics. But, overtime, smart cars have progressed into a viable driving option where space is at a premium. 

Now on sale in the U.S. the smart fortwo coupe starts at about $14,700…cabrio at $17,500.


  • Engine: 900cc 3-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 89
  • Price: Cabrio at $17,500