After two-decades the wait is finally over. For 2017, a new Honda Civic Type-R has arrived in the U.S.  The 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo pumps out 306 horsepower and 295-lb feet of torque.  Combine that with a dual axis front suspension matched with a helical limited-slip differential and this is one of the most fun front wheel drive cars we’ve ever driven.  A 6-speed manual is the only option… and that’s just fine with us.

ZACH MASKELL: “When you’re in here and you’re in the perfect gear you dive into that turn the car just does all the work.  It’s like it’s on rails.  Now when you give it gas it gets a little sketchy, but it doesn’t ever understeer like you’d think that it would”

Inside, there’s no mistaking this is a Type-R.  From the red badge on the steering wheel to the seats with holes for harnesses.  On sale now, the 2017 Honda Civic Type-R starts just under $34,000.


  • Engine: 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo
  • Horsepower: 306
  • Starts just under: $34,000