The compact Chevrolet Cruze is the brand’s best-selling car around the world. Now, for 2017, American drivers finally get the 5-door Cruze Hatchback that has fueled much of that global success. From the front, the Hatch is similar to the 4-door sedan. But, step back and you quickly see a dramatically different shape. A spoiler is neatly integrated into the lift gate, while the license plate moves down to the bumper. All versions of the Cruze have the same 106.3-inch wheel base. But, engineers worked their magic and made the Cruze Hatch 8.4 inches shorter, yet still created a bigger cargo bay; 22.7 cubic feet before you fold down the seats.

PATRICK LUCAS: “The Cruze hatch certainly isn’t the sportiest hatch back out there. That’s more the territory of the Mazda 3, the Golf… especially the GTI and the Ford Focus. It does nail the utility aspect. It beats a lot of its rivals in cargo capacity. Other than that it’s pretty quiet and surprisingly comfortable to drive.”

JOHN DAVIS: The Cruze Hatch gets the same 153-horsepower turbo I-4 as the diesel here for now. But, also no base trim level either. Just the mid-range LT, with Premium and sportier RS package if you like. The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Hatch is on sale now. The price starts at just over $22,000. 


  • Horsepower: 153
  • Price: Starts just over $22,000