BRIAN ROBINSON: Around here, we’ll take a Quick Spin with just about anything. And yes, that includes scooters. So, this week we’re touring the countryside on the seat of this 2017 BMW C650 GT. And what a Grand Touring Machine it is. 

Put aside any preconceptions you may have about scooters; this 647cc powered maxi-scooter, as they call them in Europa, is a 60-horsepower fun-machine.

We first sampled the C650 GT when it was all-new for 2013. Since then, the CVT transmission has been improved for much better response, and the suspension fine-tuned for a little more comfort without sacrificing performance. 

Stability Control is now standard, and there’s a new muffler that gives it a raspier sound. 

There are some styling tweaks as well, with a new instrument cluster, and nicer-looking trim. 

All of that just adds to what makes scooters so much fun in the first place. 

Weight is up there, at 575-lbs.; but because all of that weight is so low, once you get this thing rolling, it feels like half that.

Comfort is on par with touring motorcycles and there are plenty of places to place your feet to change your riding position. 

It’s hard to beat a scooter when it comes to ease of operation. Just about anyone can hop on and feel comfortable right away. 

It’s hard to match their practicality as well, with storage options galore; including a huge space under the seat, which folds up easily out of the way.   

You have to really want a scooter though, as there are plenty of great motorcycle options out there for much less than the C650 GT’s base price of around $11,000. 


  • Engine: 647cc
  • Horsepower: 60
  • Price: Base price around $11,000