Spring is in full bloom, and that seems like an appropriate time to check in on the Nissan Leaf. For 2016, it’s been updated to go the distance.

GREG CARLOSS: “I think we’re at the point where the Nissan Leaf isn’t just a novelty item, but a solid daily commuter. And that’s especially true in this 2016 version. And a lot of that is due to the newly available 30 kWh battery pack, which boosts range 27 percent over the 24 kWh battery pack. That gives you over 100 miles of range on a full charge, and should ease any range anxiety that you have. And, as I found out, you can forget to charge it overnight, and still have plenty of range for a longer than average commute.”

JOHN DAVIS: Otherwise, it’s the same Leaf we’ve seen for years. Funky design outside, funky design inside. The odd shifter remains, as does the sleek yet simply layout of controls and gauges. New this year is a larger center touch screen.

Driving is anything but funky; it’s smooth and whisper quiet. You’ll notice wind and road noise more, but that’s only because there’s no engine to drown it out. It rides and handles exactly as you would expect a mainstream Nissan hatchback would. Competently.

The 2016 Nissan Leaf in base S trim with an 84 mile driving range starts around $30,000 before incentives. Mid-level SV, with the larger battery and 107 mile range, starts around $35,000.


  • Price: Base S trim starts around $30,000