All-new Lamborghinis are few and far between, but in recent years they have been coming at us a lot quicker, sort of like the winds of a Hurricane. With the latest to “blow” in paying homage to the Mayan storm god, the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4.

Consistent with the brand, named after a Spanish fighting bull, one that plied its matador battling trade in the 1870’s, the Huracan will replace the Gallardo as the entry-level beast in the Lamborghini stable.  

Name aside, there’s not much to do with tradition here; a fully modern design means better electronics, less weight, more fuel efficiency, and even start/stop technology. 

But wait a minute, this is a Lamborghini. Does anyone really care about any of that? This car should be all about looking gorgeous and driving even more beautifully. And after just returning from southern Spain where we got some exclusive seat time both on and off the track, this Lamborghini does indeed do just that. 

Still V10-powered, now with 610-horsepower, the Huracan boasts a 0-60 time of 3.2-seconds and a raft of new electronics for the aluminum suspension attached to its hybrid carbon-fiber and aluminum chassis. 

BRIAN ROBINSON: Of course none of that means anything if it doesn’t perform, and rest assured, this Lambo deserves a spot in the supercar elite. It’s got a super nailed-down feel, turn-in is quick, feedback telepathic, and of course tons of grip.

JOHN DAVIS: 20-inch wheels wear meaty 305-series tires in rear and hide standard carbon-ceramic brakes. 

Perhaps most important of all, is the strides Lamborghini has taken to make the interior a comfortable, fully modern place that a wealthy enthusiast will enjoy spending some quality time. The look is a thoroughly contemporary take on Lamborghini’s muscular wedge design. All lighting is LED with a Y-shape theme. 

Replacing the Gallardo, the best-selling Lambo ever, will not be easy; but the 2015 Huracan looks to have the gods behind it. Expect pricing to start around $240,000.


  • Horsepower: 610
  • Price: Start around $240,000