If there’s one vehicle that always looked like it could be an EV, it’s the Kia Soul. And now, finally, it is…

Funky. Quirky. Odd. Those terms are often used to describe the Soul. But get past the looks and you’ll find an urban crossover that’s big on substance and space.

And, that’s still true for this all-electric Soul, sacrificing only about 3 inches in rear seat legroom for the 27 kWh lithium ion polymer battery pack underneath.

That pack juices a 109 horsepower electric motor providing up to 210 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels, through a single speed transmission. Goodies like navigation and backup camera are standard.

GREG CARLOSS: “…there’s a lot I like about this car, I’ve got a soft spot for it …It’s really quiet. You don’t get a lot of the noises that I’ve gotten in other EVs, like the LEAF or the i3. As far as regenerative braking, it is going on, but there’s actually a mode that you can go into, and that’s the “Braking” mode …so when I let off the accelerator, it actually starts coming to a stop …and I do like it in city situations.”

JOHN DAVIS: On sale first in California, the 2015 Kia Soul EV should be available early next year in other major markets, starting around $35,000 before tax incentives.       


  • Horsepower: 109
  • Price: Starting around $35,000