Minivans are not sexy - we know it. But they can be good looking vehicles despite their stigma. Take this 2015 Kia Sedona.

There’s lots of straight lines for sure, but also sharp edges, and Kia’s signature Tiger Nose grille.

But minivan selling points are mostly inside. And the Sedona’s interior gets nothing but praise from us. Switchgear is Kia standard fare: premium but not ornate. Third row seats fold into the floor, while the second row, in an answer to Chrysler’s Stow-n-Go system, folds upright and slides forward to also deliver a totally flat load floor without having to remove heavy seats.

GREG CARLOSS: “Most people don’t but minivans for the driving experience, but you do have to drive them obviously. And the 2015 Kia Sedona actually offers a very nice un-minivan like driving experience. It doesn’t feel so top heavy like other ones that I’ve driven. And it actually has three different driving modes; something you don’t normally find in this class…so there’s comfort, there’s ECO, and there’s normal modes…”

JOHN DAVIS: A new engine for Sedona, the 3.3 liter V6 is down in size, but up in power at 276 horsepower. New trim levels include a top SX Limited with executive second row seating, a 360 degree camera, and safety aids like lane departure and forward collision warning, and adaptive cruise control.

On sale now, the 2015 Kia Sedona starts around $27,000.  


  • Engine: 3.3 liter
  • Horsepower: 276
  • Price: Starts around $27,000