As Lincoln reinvents itself, the brand is trying to sell the idea that owning one of their vehicles is an experience unto itself. So we grabbed QuickSpins in not one, but two of their most premium offerings, the MKC and MKZ Black Label, to find out for ourselves. 

Touted as the best Lincoln has to offer, the Black Label series focuses heavily on passenger comfort and interior appointments. From the outside, though, there’s only a few hints of that high status: unique dark accented wheels, and a choice of exclusive paint colors. Our MKZ, in “Chroma Couture”, and MKC, in “Notorious”, are two of six choices.

Sink into the driver’s seat, though, and you’re surrounded by what the Black Label is really all about: super soft touch materials, leather wrapped everything, exotic woods and chrome accents, for a level of craftsmanship befitting a car twice its price.

There are four available themes, each with a unique interior color palette and designed feel. The “Indulgence” package on our MKZ relies heavily on blacks, dark browns, and deep wood colors for an all business feel. Our MKC in “Modern Heritage” is tuned to a more open air aura, using whites, light greys, and red stitching throughout.

No matter the theme, comfort is top notch, and that luxury car image that Lincoln has been trying to sell, finally feels real.

Greg Carloss: “Lincoln has been trying to separate itself from Ford for a while…this Black label has a luxury car written all over it. It’s a good step for them to take if they want to be seen as a luxury car brand”

Mechanically, thought, the Black Label is little different from other Lincolns. Engine options are the same, as is suspension. It’s basically an ultra-high trim package with added benefits like a personal Black Label liaison on demand, and complimentary carwashes and detailing. We call that intern work around here.

Joining the Black Label club adds about 6 grand to an MKC or MKZ, and it will expand to other Lincoln vehicles in time.