By this time we’ve all adjusted to the new naming system at Infiniti...right? Well just as a refresher, what used to be the FX crossover is now the QX70.

The look has changed little, but it didn’t really need to. It’s a great combo of bold, fast, and sleek that still has a great presence on the road. These optional black wheels, though, are a little much.

The big news for the QX70 this year is…the loss of an engine. No more V8 option means that the 3.7 liter V6 is the sole means of power. Still, the signature Infiniti exhaust note remains. And you’ll get no complaints from us, as the V6’s 325 horsepower feels more than adequate. Transferred through a 7 speed automatic, power goes to the rear axles, or option up to all-wheel drive.

Plant yourself behind the wheel, and the QX70 offers a fairly high seating position to peer out over the bulging hood and fenders. It all feels very sporty; even more so when you’re moving. The ride is stiff, and despite lots of leather and soft touch materials, luxury isn’t the first thing called to mind. It’s more premium sport.

That’s even more enhanced by the optional Sport package, which adds big, solid feeling paddle shifters, more aggressively bolstered front seats, and dark trim accents, inside and out.

Cargo room, still a big selling point, is decent at 62 cubic feet.

On sale now, the 2015 Infiniti QX70 starts around $46,000. All-wheel drive adds $1,500 more.


  • Horsepower: 325
  • Engine: 3.7 liter V6
  • Price: Starts around $46,000