We’ve now had ample time to adjust to Infiniti’s renaming system. But just as a refresher: the former M sedan, is now this 2015 Q70.

There’s a definite reimaging of exterior style. The grille, fascia, and lighting sharpen up nicely. Things inside remain familiar, and the gauges, dash layout and infotainment continue on from the M.

There are several variations of Q70 to be had: rear or all-wheel drive; 330 horsepower V6 or 420 horsepower V8; standard or long-wheelbase. And there’s even a Q70 Hybrid. A wide array of options, plus the contemporary quality we’ve come to expect from Infiniti, keep the Q70 a very worthy luxury sedan contender, especially the long wheelbase edition.

ZACH MASKELL: “…that extra 5.9 inches goes directly to backseat room, which is a nice break from the other cars in this segment. Now, do you want to pay the extra $1,500 for it? Well, I mean, if you want the prestige, or the extra room, that’s up to you…”

JOHN DAVIS: On sale now, the 2015 Infiniti Q70 starts around $50,000.


  • Horsepower: 330 / 420
  • Price: Starts around $50,000