This week we’re off to Germany for a drive in the 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. What is it? Well, building on the current hybrid’s supercharged 3.0-liter V6 based powertrain, the E-Hybrid adds a larger 70kW electric motor and a much larger 9.4kWh lithium-ion battery with plug-in recharging. Total output is 416-horsepower, through an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. 

So, How is it? Well, just like everything else Porsche does, it’s truly spectacular. O- 60 in just over 5 seconds. Operation is smooth and seamless, and it handles as great as you would expect.

BRIAN ROBINSON: You know it’s a plug-in hybrid going in, but after about 5-minutes, you totally forget about it and just start enjoying the ride. Pretty amazing!

JOHN DAVIS: All Panameras are updated for 2014, as Porsche considers this the second generation of their luxury sport sedan. There’s a sharpened front end featuring larger air intakes, smoothed out profile with longer rear doors, and a wider rear; all giving the Panamera a lower and leaner look. 

Other new variations include extended wheelbase Executive models, and S and 4S models will get a new twin-turbo V6 engine to replace the current 4.8-liter V8. But the E-Hybrid looks to make the biggest impact in the trendiest communities here. 

If you can build or afford a Panamera, why do you care about fuel economy? Well, with rising government standards, Porsche cares about it a lot. Plus, getting over 50 miles-per-gallon in a car with this much high performance and posh is a pretty amazing accomplishment. 

Charge time varies from 2½ to 4 hours depending on voltage. The interior is the same basic theme as before with updated materials and new color schemes. We still love the central rising control panel layout, and E-Hybrid models will get a few unique touches. 

So, if you’ve been wishing you owned a 911, but need to haul more people, and would like outstanding fuel economy to go along with it, head to your Porsche dealer for a Panamera S E-Hybrid; oh and bring about $99,000 along with you.


  • Engine: 3.0-liter V6
  • Horsepower: 416
  • Price: $99,000