The next stage of Mitsubishi’s attempt to return to relevancy in America comes by way of an all new 2014 Mirage subcompact. And while it’s not unique in size or styling, and power is on the weak side, it does have some claims to fame.

The Mirage is the first mass produced car imported from Thailand. And it’s already selling well in other markets. It also has noteworthy fuel economy being rated at 40 MPG combined with the optional CVT. It is the most efficient non-hybrid gasoline fueled car in North America.

GREG CARLOSS: The numbers for the new Mirage are not impressive, honestly. Its 74 horsepower coming from the 3-cylinder engine. But once you get in it and you start driving it the 74 horsepower doesn’t seem weak. The car is barely over 2,000 pounds and some of them are even under 2,000 pounds. So that’s plenty to propel you in the city and that’s what this car is. It’s a city car.

Starting around $14,000 the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage is on sale now.


  • Engine: 74 horsepower 3-cylinder engine
  • Price: Starting around $14,000