It’s not often you get the best of both worlds; usually you trade performance for practicality; chic, daring design for mass-appeal style; but after our Quick Spin in the 2014 Audi SQ5, we found a pleasant balance of high speed thrills, room for the family, and tasteful looks; a blend few other vehicles can match.

The first Audi “Q” model to get the full-on “S” treatment, this crossover packs a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 under the hood, growling out 354 horsepower; and after a trip to our test track, we launched to 60 in just 4.8 seconds, with quattro all-wheel drive laying down some serious grip off the line.

On the street, we found back roads and highway cruising just as entertaining, with plenty of boost available; give it some gas, let the 8 speed automatic drop a few gears down, and the power just pours on. Just mind your speed, as you can be nearing triple digits without even trying.

The SQ5 feels light, agile, and shifty, yet nearly erases road imperfections and vibrations at speed. It knows what you want, and more importantly, what you don’t…

Like all Audi “S” models, there are added bonuses, like a 3 spoke, flat-bottomed steering wheel, “SQ5” embossed seats, and a special trim package design throughout the interior. Our tester had optional 21 inch wheels and bigger 15-inch brake discs up front. Around back: “S” specific quad exhaust tips and a roofline spoiler.

To live with, the SQ5 does accommodate, offering 57.3 cubic feet of total storage capacity, and seating for up to 5. And despite very spirited driving, we actually managed over 22.0 miles per gallon economy. Many run-of-the-mill crossovers can do no better.    

But, pricing, unfortunately, is not ordinary. The SQ5 stickers for around $53,000, with our tester topping $64,000. The one saving grace is, you do get quite a package for the money.


  • Horsepower: 354
  • Engine: 3.0 liter
  • Price: $53,000 - $64,000