For fans of the Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STI, 2011 upgrades mean an even more sport-infused driving experience than before.

We got a chance to thoroughly try out both revised 2011 editions on the hilly sweepers around Aspen, Colorado, as well as on a makeshift dirt-driven course, and a short, but curvy racetrack.

Starting at the top, the WRX STI, a new four-door sedan choice joins the five-door hatch.  Revised front styling, and a small reduction in ride height, adds an even wider, lower look.

But, bigger changes lie within. The Nurburgring-tested suspension has higher rate springs, thicker stabilizer bars, and lighter 18-inch wheels.

We noticed a tighter feel right away, with less push and roll, especially during higher speed driving in Sport Sharp mode.

Changes to WRX four- and five-door models brings it even closer to the STI, starting with the same wide-body rally car stance.

The wider body makes way for a wider track, wheels, and tires. Suspension tweaks are minor but do include stiffer rear sub-frame bushings. It takes only moments behind the wheel to appreciate the improved stability and control. Yet, Subaru did not sacrifice significant ride comfort so the WRX is still a very manageable daily driver.

Powertrains are carryover.  A 265-horsepower flat-four turbo for the WRX; a 305-horsepower unit for the STI.

Pricing for the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX starts at $25,500, and $34,000 for the WRX STI.


  • WRX: 265 horsepower flat-four turbo:
  • STI: 305 horsepower:
  • Pricing starts at $25,500: