For 2010 Mercedes Benz replaced its CLK-class coupe with a slightly larger E-Class Coupe. It competes directly with Audi’s A5S5 Coupe and the Infiniti G37 Coupe.

So, it only stands to reason that since the competition now offers convertible versions, Benz should too. Enter the 2011 E-Class Cabriolet.

We had a chance to catch some rays in a Cabrio while exploring the coastal roads of Mallorca, Spain. The Mediterranean island, and its posh clientele, served as a perfect background for the open-air E-Class.

Like Audi, Mercedes chose a sound-dampening softop instead of Infiniti’s metal roof. A fabric top isn’t as weatherproof, but it is lighter, and takes up less storage space. It operates quickly, even when driving.

One true Mercedes top-down innovation: the AIRCAP wind deflector. AIRCAP deploys from the windshield header and greatly reduces turbulence and noise, especially in the back seat.

So, at-speed conversations can now be held among the four comfortable occupants without shouting.

A new generation AIRSCARF head and neck heating system makes top-down driving more comfortable regardless of the air temperature.

As for driving, the E-Class Cabrio is as agile and solid as its coupe and sedan counterparts.

Power comes from two familiar engines: a 268-horsepower V6 for the E350 Cabrio, and a 382-horsepower V8 for the E550.

Within, the E-Class Cabrio offers all the luxury and technology of the coupe. 

Adequate trunk space has also been preserved thanks to the decision to go with a softtop.

You can select your E-Class Cabriolet now, starting at around $57,000.


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  • 268-horsepower V6 for the E350 Cabrio:
  • 382-horsepower V8 for the E550:
  • Starting at around $57,000: