For 2010 VW-owned Bentley underscored its racing heritage with a limited edition Continental called the Supersports. We were blown away. Now for 2011 comes a drop top, the Supersports convertible. Setting a new benchmark in open air Bentley high performance.  What separates the convertible from the coupe is obviously the power one-touch multi-layer fabric top. But for auto motion, it’s armed with the same 620 horsepower twin-turbocharged 6-liter W12 with a revised quick shift six speed automatic transmission.

Two hundred pounds lighter than the drop top GTC Speed this sun chasing super car and reach 60 in under four second with a top speed of 202 mph. It is the fastest four seat convertible in the world.  With its mountain lion exhaust growl, we felt right at home on the high elevation roadways around Telluride, Colorado.  Even at 10,000 plus feet where oxygen is overtly scarce the drop top’s twin turbos sucked in air and delivered lightning fast reaction.

The rear bias permanent all wheel drive system is very effective at reducing under steer when powering out of bends.  Compared to the GTC, the Supersports has a retuned continuous damping control system operated rear anti roll bar and a wider rear track.

“With all its high performance attributes, the Supersports convertible is just awesome to drive.  Either on the Colorado’s switch backs or anywhere for that matter. With the top down, wind buffing in minimal.  With the top up, the cabin becomes a quiet well encapsulated space for occupants.” – Shamit Choksey

Back on the flats the Supersports Convertible boasts the same beautiful and muscular shape as the coupe.  The interior unites alcantara, carbon fiber, and soft grip leather with a full array of high end amenities.  This extreme luxury drop top is even E85 compatible, reaffirming Bentley’s green intentions.  With a based price of $280,400 dollars the SuperSports convertible is available this fall.   





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  • 6-liter W12:
  • 620 horsepower:
  • Base price: $280,400: