The great thing about Porsche is that they never stop updating a design. Case in point, the latest Porsche’s Cayman S.

Even with a new Cayman due for 2011, Porsche has made some significant additions to the current coupe.

Foremost among them is our car’s PDK automated transmission. Replacing the Tiptronic five-speed, the PDK’s two multiplate clutches make for near instantaneous shifts, some 60% faster than the Tiptronic.

The PDK makes the now direct-injected 3.4-liter flat six’s output even more fluid. With 320 horsepower, 25 more than before, consistent five-second 0-60 sprints become routine. Plus, it’s 10% more fuel efficient.

On the track, we found the Cayman’s impressive handling and braking intact. But, the new power train allows faster corner exits. For street driving, the bonus is far safer passing.

As for a static walk around, visual changes are smaller. Up front is a reshaped bumper with new jewelry; rows of LEDs and slightly repositioned fog lamps.

Intakes in each flank remain, while revised LED tail lights and twin center exhaust tips make a menacing view for lesser competitors.

The Cayman’s cockpit provided everything we needed to go fast right at our fingertips. For changes, look to the center stack for a larger display, updated nav system, satellite radio, and an iPod jack.

The thickly-bolstered seats were already comfortable, but now they can be cooled. A heated steering wheel is available too.

With the standard manual transmission, prices for the 2010 Cayman S start around $62,000.

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  • 3.4-liter flat six:
  • 320 horsepower:
  • Starting around $62,000: