Since it arrived for 2007, the Mazda CX-7 has delivered more Zoom-Zoom driving fun than any other small crossover. Now, for 2010, it gets its first serious set of tweaks.

For starters, the 2010 CX-7 adds a new “SV” base trim with a lower entry price of just over $22,000.

That front-drive CX-7 adds a base 2.5-liter 161-horsepower normally aspirated four-cylinder with a healthy 28 mpg highway fuel economy rating.

Available for front- and standard with all-wheel-drive is the carryover 2.3 liter 244-horsepower turbocharged four. But even here Mazda has squeezed more fuel economy as the Highway rating is up from 23 to 25 mpg.

“From a driver’s perspective, the CX-7 is a double chocolate chunk in an otherwise sugar cookie segment.  This little crossover is willing off the line and sticks nice and tight in the corners.” – Ben Davis

For its outershow, the front fascia now sports Mazda’s new signature smiley-face grille.  And the rear gets a redesigned bumper.  But all the rest of its smart and sporty shape stays intact.

Inside, the makeover is more thorough. The new CX-7 takes on a progressive style with blackout meters and a modified instrument panel with a Mazda3-style hooded info and nav screen.

And the new steering wheel has controls for audio, cruise, and Bluetooth.

Once again, we note the CX-7 is not as kind to passengers and cargo as some of its rivals. But, we think it’s a small tradeoff for the CX-7’s class-best driver enjoyment.

The 2010 Mazda CX-7 is in dealerships now.




"The Vue Two-Mode Hybrid proves that power and efficiency can coexist, and in a modern crossover you can have them both without skimping on any ability." – Ben Davis


  • 2.5-liter normally aspirated four-cylinder:
  • 161 horsepower:
  • Starting just over $22,000: