We recently tested the Kia Forte sedan and were impressed by both its packaging and performance. And, while entertaining sport coupes have not been Kia’s forte in the past, this 2010 Forte Koup hopes to change that.

While following in the contemporary footprint of the sedan, this coupe with a “K” starts with a more athletic look than the sedan, sharing only the hood with the four-door.

With a slightly truncated length compared to the sedan, the Koup has the same wheelbase, and that means no space is lost inside. It’s just as inviting as the sedan.

And, also like the sedan you have your choice of two four cylinders, a 156-horsepower 2-liter in the EX, designed with fuel economy in mind, and a 173-horsepower 2.4 in the SX for the more performance minded.

“The Forte Koup is by far the most entertaining and fun to drive Kia I’ve driven.” – Brian Robinson

Navigating congested Korean roads, we found the Koup’s handling to be quick but not darty, staying relatively flat and true, despite a rear torsion beam suspension.

Koup prices will start at under $15,000 when it arrives here soon.


  • 156-horsepower2-liter EX:
  • 173-horsepower 2.4 SX:
  • Starting at under $15,000: