For a more conventional four-door, we welcome back the Ford Taurus. With a dynamic new design and upscale personality, it should put the formal car’s rental image to rest once and for all.

Styling of the 2010 Taurus is much more aggressive than the Taurus 500 form it replaces.

Underneath its bulging hood lies a carryover 263-horsepower 3.5-liter V6, or, for the Taurus SHO, an impressive 365 horsepower from Ford’s new Ecoboost twin-turbo. A six speed automatic sends power to the front, or all four wheels. 

While the full-size interior offers plenty of room both front and rear, the twin cockpit arrangement reinforces the new sporty image. You now sit lower and even the backseat is very comfy for those 6 foot and over. Plus, there are plenty of luxury touches like push button start and adaptive cruise control.

When it came time to get behind the wheel, our choice was obvious: the new twin-turbo SHO.  After an 11 year absence, the new SHO’s Ecoboost V6 effortlessly delivers all the power of a V8, but with the mid-twenties highway fuel economy of a V6.

While we enjoy driving past gas stations, we enjoy carving corners around North Carolina’s Great Smokey Mountains even more. This is clearly no bull in a china shop.

The new SHO is very athletic and drives much smaller than it actually is. But for serious back road blasting, upgrade to the optional performance pack, which comes with not only bigger wheels and tighter suspension, but a quicker steering ratio and performance brake pads as well.

“I can’t tell you how many times over the years people have asked me ‘when is Ford going to bring the SHO back?’ Well folks, Ford has finally listened and it’s going on sale this summer.” – Brian Robinson

Along with the rest of the Taurus line-up with prices starting just under $26,000.  The SHO however comes in at a lofty $38,000.


  • 263-horsepower 3.5-liter V6:
  • Taurus SHO: 365 horsepower:
  • Starting just under $26,000: