Our first set of carkeys is actually our second turn with the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This time we got to live with it for two weeks.  This mid-size full-hybrid sedan is powered by an updated version of the Ford Escape Hybrid’s gas-electric powertrain.  It combines a 155-horsepower 2.5-liter Atkinson four-cylinder gas engine, a 106-horsepower permanent magnet electric motor, a CVT automatic transmission, and a lighter, more compact nickel-metal hydride battery.

Government Fuel Economy ratings are 41 city/36 highway. While that equates to a highway driving range of about 700 miles, it actually managed over twice that in a hypermiler challange. And in all-electric mode, this hybrid can manage up to 47 miles per hour, or twice as fast as most hybrids. And, the gas engine shuts down at stops to reduce wasteful idling. 

But just because it’s a hybrid, does not mean it lacks spunk.  0 to 60 in under 8 seconds, with smooth acceleration and enough in reserve for safe passing even on hills.

“The car looks great and it’s very drivable, too.  A lot of the more typical hybrid characteristics are much less noticeable in this car.  And in my opinion, that makes it one of the most non-hybrid hybrids out there.” – Ben Davis

The focal point of the interior is a SmartGauge interface that coaxs drivers to ever higher fuel economy.  While a little too busy for us purists, we think most buyers will like it’s video-style graphics. 

Eco-friendly upholstery and a more efficient climate control system complete the green equation. And, it’s all in a true 5-adult-sized family sedan with all popular options such as heated leather seats, navigation, rear view camera, and moonroof.  The Ford Fusion Hybrid is on sale now starting at $27,995, and that’s before Federal Tax Credits. We’ll have a complete test of the Ford Fusion Hybrid in a few weeks.



"The Vue Two-Mode Hybrid proves that power and efficiency can coexist, and in a modern crossover you can have them both without skimping on any ability." – Ben Davis


  • 155-horsepower2.5-liter Atkinson4-cylinder gas engine:
  • 106-horsepower permanent magnet electric motor:
  • Starting at $27,995: